Oreo Big Crunch Candy Bar


Just in time for the holiday season, Oreo cookie maker Mondelez International is releasing a candy bar that incorporates the beloved crunchy vanilla-creme cookie and European milk chocolate.

The 10.5-ounce Milka Oreo Big Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar hit the candy aisles of Wal-Mart, Kroger, ShopRite and Albertsons stores nationwide on Monday.

“We’ve been planning to introduce Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars for some time given our overseas success,” with the Milka line of chocolate bars, an Oreo spokesperson told The Washington Times.

“Before launching a new product, we always look at every market introduction through a local lens and time of year,” the spokesperson added, noting Mondelez considered the holiday season the perfect time to roll out the sharing-size confection.

“The holiday season in particular is a time when we see families sharing a range of delicious treats and we think they’ll especially love our new the Milka Oreo Big Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar,” the spokesperson said.

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