Electric Cars Appear To Be Gaining In Popularity


When electric cars first appeared on the automobile scene, many viewed them as too impractical and slow to really make a dent in the market. Here we are more than a decade later and the concept has evolved right alongside improved technology and innovation. in fact, Norway has just surpassed 100,000 all-electric cars being driven throughout the country today. This amounts to roughly three percent of the total number of automobiles in service. That is a spectacular undertaking in a country with a relatively small population of just over 5 million. Norway is becoming an example for other countries to look at in terms of how electric cars can better be put into service and how to alleviate the concerns of a skeptical public.

Holland Is Experiencing Tremendous Growth As Well

In an apparent trend that shows Europe being a global leader in all-electric technology, the Netherlands has seen the share of the automobile market that consists of electric cars sky rocket to nearly seven percent. This was not believed to be possible a mere decade ago. A combination of tax and other incentives has encouraged the Dutch to begin considering the purchase of such vehicles. In addition, Steve Voudouris notes that improving technology leading to a longer drive time between charges and making it more convenient than ever as a primary means of transportation.

Voudouris also mentions the recent entry of major car manufacturers into the all-electric genre. This includes Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and Audi. These are major players in the automobile industry and are all well respected by Europeans. The cars have become much more comfortable in recent years, making them suitable for small families, as opposed to only commuters. These same manufacturers have been to enter the American market with some early signs of success. American car markers are also jumping in on the all electric bandwagon, with many new prototypes already in development.

Electric Cars Are Not Only Good For the Environment

Naturally, electric cars first came onto the scene as a way to eliminate some of the environmental costs long associated with cars and trucks in operation around the world. While this was always a noble cause, many consumers have long been reluctant to go all-electric due to the relatively high cost of running the vehicle and the lack of accessible charging ports. This was especially concerning in countries like America, where cars are depended on to drive long distances in the absence of a more extensive mass transit network.

Recent years have seen many of these concerns be alleviated. The costs associated with all-electric vehicles have come down noticeably in recent years. The time between necessary charges has increased, allowing the average driver to conduct his or her average daily routine with few disruptions. With the costs continuing to come down, coupled with the increased accessibility, all electric cars are becoming more feasible of an option by the year. There is still much technology that can be implemented into the design of these vehicles to make them even more consumer friendly, so look for future updates in this area.

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