Artist Francesco Francavilla Covers Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed – Special Monster Movie Poster Variants Coming To Each Issue

Next week…monsters invade the Marvel Universe! And they’re bringing one of the hottest artists in the comic book industry with them! Eisner Award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla lends his pen to a series of upcoming variant covers! Coming to each issue of the upcoming Monsters Unleashed series, the fan-favorite illustrator brings mighty Marvel monsters to life in the vein of classic monster movie posters!

Today, Marvel is pleased to reveal all five Francavilla 50s Movie Poster Variants – coming to comic shops beginning next week!

Raining down from the skies, rising from the depths of the oceans and emerging from beneath the very Earth itself – monsters are invading and destroying everything in their path! The only thing that stands in their way is an army of the strongest super heroes in the Marvel Universe! But even they may not be enough to stop these towering titans! It’s all happening in Movie Poster Variants as the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Champions, the X-Men, the Inhumans and more band together to stop complete and total annihilation!

monsters_unleashed_1_francavilla_variant monsters_unleashed_2_francavilla_variant monsters_unleashed_3_francavilla_variant monsters_unleashed_4_francavilla_variant monsters_unleashed_5_francavilla_variant

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