Funko Announces Disney Treasures Subscription Box


Finally, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Experience the magic with Funko’s brand-new Disney subscription box, Disney Treasures!

Funko has collaborated with Disney to curate a subscription box service – Disney Treasures – featuring the most memorable Disney movie and parks moments! Each box is filled with 100% exclusive Disney collectibles and accessories created by Funko for Disney fans and collectors!


Ahoy there mateys! Get ready to embark on the maiden voyage as Funko prepares to ship out their debut Box, Pirates Cove! The Pirates Cove Box includes a Mr. Smee Pop and a Wicked Wench Captain with Pirate Ship Dorbz ride! and so much more Funko exclusive Disney Pirate booty! Disney Treasures plans can be ordered here today at!



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