Tom Whalen Announces Mystery Tube Sale


After 7 years of creating screen printed posters, Tom Whalen is finally doing his first mystery tube sale! $50 (+ shipping) will get you three 18×24 screen printed posters plus a bonus mini-print.

Here is the nitty gritty:

-There is at least one of every poster from the header image available.

-There are more posters available than what is pictured in the header image.

– A few 12×36 posters will be sprinkled in the pool.

– See below for a sample of the bonus mini-prints. some are screenprinted handbills, some are digital handbills, some are 11×14 digitally printed mini-posters.

– Tom is trying to keep this really fair. He’s created a ranking system that should help ensure all tubes are equally weighted.

– No requests for specific screen prints or mini-prints will be honored.

 – No, there will not be any Steamboat Willie or Monsters Inc. posters offered.

– The sale will start midday EST on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at strongstuffshop.

– The tubes will begin shipping 2 weeks after the sale.


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