The Dark Tower Portfolio Signed Limited Edition

This portfolio is the culmination of over two years of thoughtful design and layout for wraparound paintings of each Dark Tower novel. This is part of The New Stephen King Cover Series and the Overlook Connection has gone one step further to give these paintings a one-time lithograph production, signed by artist Glenn Chadbourne and author Robin Furth, and housed in a unique hard-board, gate-fold, slipcase, with foil stamping. This is truly one of the most beautiful productions they’ve ever produced.

Original text lithograph by Robin Furth, “In the Service of the King: My Journey to the Dark Tower” is her personal story of how she first began working with Stephen King on The Dark Tower novel series and as an author of the original Dark Tower comic book series, almost two decades ago, Robin Furth is also a consultant on The Dark Tower film being released in the summer of 2017.

Features ten, full color lithographs based on the novel of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower:

1. The Gunslinger
2. The Drawing of the Three
3. The Wastelands
4. Wizard in Glass
5. Wolves of the Calla
6. Song of Susannah
7. The Dark Tower
8. The Wind Through the Keyhole
9. Mid-World, The Gunslinger, and The Dark Tower – Original Painting – Exclusive to this set. Signed / numbered
10. ”In the Service of the King: My Journey to the Dark Tower” by Robin Furth – Signed / numbered

Each color lithograph measures 12.75 x 19 inches on heavy acid-free, board stock. Oversized foil stamped case on black Skytogen, measures 14 x 20.

Order HERE from The Overlook Connection Press for $125. Only 1,000 signed sets were created.

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