Rare Rebound Eyes of The Dragon Signed By Stephen King Available At Gerald Winters & Son 

Eyes of The Dragon represents a deviation from the norm that Stephen King’s fans were used to.  It is a tale of archetypal heroes and sweeping adventures, of dragons and princes and evil wizards.  According to King, although he had written thirteen novels by the time his daughter Naomi had attained an equal number of years, she had yet to read any of them. She made it clear that she loved him, but had very little interest in his vampires, ghoulies, and slushy crawling things.

As a result, Steve sat down one night in his western Maine house to start this story, then called “The Napkins”, and eventually the tale was told. When Naomi took hold of the finished manuscript, her initial lack of enthusiasm gradually changed to one of rapt interest as the story kidnapped her. Later on, she came to her father, gave him a hug and told him the only thing wrong with it was that she didn’t want it to end.

Deluxe Rebound Edition

This custom rebound edition of The Eyes of the Dragon was created in July 2016 by Dragon Rebound, CA. It incorporates the page block from the original Viking Trade First Edition Hardback.

It was originally published with the signature on the title page by artist David Palladini only.

This book is a full leather binding. The leather is a cowhide that is dyed and engraved with a reptilian pattern. The page edges have been cleaned and the book boards are sanded at the edges to create an elegant bevel. The end-sheets are hand marbled by the bookbinder into a flame pattern. The spine is rounded and with the addition of a hollow back and shoulders fitting behind the book boards, shelf wear and the sagging of the text block over time will be prevented. The spine is tooled in gold with raised bands and a sculpted head-cap that crowns the woven silk headbands. The book is housed in a custom linen cloth slipcase.

Twenty six copies were rebound and lettered A – Z. This is one of those letters.

In addition to the artist’s signature, this copy is further signed by the author Stephen King. While each of the twenty six Lettered Copies are works of art in and of themselves, having the author’s signature on the title page, while not originally intended, makes this copy truly unique, and very rare.

How to purchase

If you are interested in purchasing this book, interested parties should email gw@geraldwinters.com with their highest offer before Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 12:00pm EST. Customers need to be registered at GW and Son website (www.geraldwinters.com) with their address on file. As King collectors are aware, all copies quietly sold out before publication before many knew of its existence. Only one copy has sold on eBay for $1500+, and that copy was only signed by artist David Palladini. This is the first copy signed by Stephen King that has come to market.

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