High Fidelity – An Art Book by Joey Spiotto

In 2010 Joey Spiotto created what would become the first print in the long running print series “High Fidelity” for Gallery 1988’s world famous annual “Crazy 4 Cult” gallery show. While looking for inspiration Spiotto took a trip to Disneyland and while riding “It’s a Small World” an idea came to him… What if he recreated a vintage style children’s vinyl record cover based off of one of my favorite TV shows. That’s the inspiration behind “River Tam & The Fireflies”, the print that kicked off what would become the “High Fidelity” series.

Joey has always been a fan of the old Disney records from his childhood and this idea felt like a perfect melding of old and new. Over the years the artist has turned some of his favorite movies, television shows and video games into vintage vinyl record album art and now, with your help, Spiotto hopes to bring all of that artwork together in one book collecting the entire series…

This project is to fund a full-color 90+ page book collecting every print from the “High Fidelity” series. Each page will feature full page, full color artwork, and bring the whole print series together for the first time in one collection.

You can back the book HERE on Kickstarter…I did!

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