The Top 5 Gambling Gadgets That Were Famous Once Upon A Time

Gambling came into practice centuries ago and has undergone a major transformation changing the way we play at the casino. Technology is changing on a daily basis and has become an inevitable part of our lives. It’s growing on a tremendous scale and we are all pondering what will come next. Technology experts such as Elon Musk are arguing that technological advancements such as A.I should be carefully checked or it may lead to severe consequences while Internet entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg feels otherwise.

Now, casino gaming scenarios have changed with the advent of online and mobile casinos. These casinos let you play a wide variety of online casino games anytime, anywhere with instant accessibility and availability of a wide variety of games. But this was not the case in land-based casinos.

When we look back to the good old days, we pondered what famous gadgets could assist in creating a competitive edge in gambling.


The Neuralyzer featured in the Men in Black film is a gadget designed to erase people’s memory for minutes, hours, days and even years. This device could potentially wipe the memory of other players or perhaps the dealer. You could even use the Neuralyzer on casino security if they suspected foul play.

Wristwatch Lie Detector

The wristwatch lie detector could turn out to be one of the best gadgets for defeating other players in the casino. How great it would be if the watch sent out a signal alerting you if any players were lying about the game. You could easily find who is bluffing and could use that information to your advantage. However it would be important to make sure that the other players were not aware of this tool or it could be used against you when you bluff in the game.

X-Ray Glasses

X-Ray Glasses has been featured in many movies, games and books for numerous reasons – checking for enemies behind walls, checking for weapons hidden inside clothes, etc. However, the specs could also be used to see your opponent’s cards. If the X-Ray glasses were designed to look like normal glasses they could be perfect way to blend with other players at the casino and provide an unfair advantage.

Beer Hat

Most casinos maintain a strict policy regarding bringing drinks from outside establishments. Though the beer hat looks far less advanced compared to the other gizmos, this particular gadget could serve as a perfect companion during wins and losses. This could also help the players when their hands are busy playing at Sailor Bingo.

DeLorean Time Machine

What if you lost all your money in a casino? Now, you have the chance to recoup your losses. This iconic car is featured in Back to the Future movies. Hop into your customized DeLorean and set the timer to when you were about to enter the casino. Now everything remains the same except that you would know the winning numbers.

Though you might not come in contact with these gadgets, it’s fun and amusing to imagine how gameplay would proceed if you had these helpful devices. If some of these gadgets were invented in the future to beat casino games it’s possible that counter gadgets could be created.

Technology has brought casino games to our pocket devices through online casinos. Sites like Sailor Bingo are a perfect example of the modern day bingo site that combines the fun of an online casino with bingo games that reach a large audience.

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