Thatcher Wine Believes You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover

Thatcher Wine, the founder of Juniper books, crafts custom book collections for purchase and creates and designs custom libraries for a variety of clients.


Juniper books is a specialty bookseller with a focus on building custom libraries and creating unique book sets. Thatcher brings the library alive inside and out of the printed page.

Thatcher Wine has a few tips for anyone trying to design a library space at home:

“My first tip is always to take everything off the shelf so you are working with a blank slate. Then slowly put the books back, playing with how they are arranged.”

“Don’t hesitate to part with books that no longer are an important part of your life or don’t fit your design preferences today.”

“When building a book collection, it’s also great to have a focus and a plan. Are you collecting first editions by a specific author, art books of a certain size, leather-bound classics, etc.? It can evolve over time, but it’s good to have a theme around which you can keep the books organized.”

To get more information about Juniper Books’ Readymade Sets, Custom Sets or Custom Libraries, please click HERE.

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