The Ghost Box

A collection of chilly, spooky, hair-raising-y stories to get you in that Hallowe’en spirit, edited and introduced by comedian and horror aficionado Patton Oswalt.

Includes stories by:

– H. F. Arnold
– Dennis Etchison
– Adam Corbin Fusco
– W. F. Harvey
– Arthur Machen
– George R. R. Martin
– Richard Matheson
– Michael Reaves
– Al Sarrantonio
– Clark Ashton Smith
– Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Each handmade box features a matte-black finish, an iridescent color-shifting foil stamp on top, and a magnetized lid. The booklets have debossed design details and are bound with brass staples. There might be another surprise or two in there, too.

Order HERE for $40 CAD.

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