Excelsior! An Art Celebration of Stan Lee’s 75+ Years In Comics Event To Be Held At Hero Complex Gallery On November 27, 2017

Check out the new exhibition of artwork featuring Stan Lee’s creations including artwork by artists Anthony Petrie, Craig Drake, Glen Brogan, Kevin M. Wilson/Ape Meets Girl, Marko Manev, Tyler Stout and more!

Artists, VIP Guests, and Stan Lee will be in attendance!

Hero Complex Gallery, the Los Angeles-based pop culture art gallery located in 2020 South Robertson Blvd., is hosting Excelsior! An art celebration of Stan Lee’s 75+ years in comics’ on Cyber Monday, November 27th. The doors open at 11am and Stan Lee will be making an appearance at 2pm and has graciously agreed to do a signing at the event.


Q: Do I need a ticket?
A: No, the art event is free to attend.

Q: Can I buy items to get signed?
A: Yes, the gallery will have artwork available for sale to be signed.

Q: Can I bring my own items to get signed?
A: Yes, HCG prefers flat items like artwork and comics, no oversize / unwieldy items.

Q: How much is a Stan Lee signature?
A: Stan Lee signatures will be $75 for Hero Complex Gallery signed items, $125 for your own items.

Q: How exactly does this go down?
A: Doors will open at 11am to preview and purchase hero complex gallery artwork and to arrange signatures on a first-come, first-served basis. Stan Lee will begin signing soon after 2pm, but we urge you to  please come early as a line is expected.

Q: What will Stan Lee sign?
A: Stan will sign gallery artwork as well as personal items that you bring, such as posters and comics.

Q: Can I take a photo with Stan?
A: You can take pictures of Stan signing your item, but there will be no posed photos with Stan.

Q: What if I’m at the end of the signing line?
A: Hero Complex Gallery will try to accommodate everyone in line while Stan is at the gallery. If Stan needs to leave before you get your signature, HCG can still accommodate getting Hero Complex Gallery artwork signed by Stan to be picked up at a later date. 

Q: If I can’t go to the event, can I still get something signed?
A: Yes, Hero Complex Gallery will be offering limited quantities of signed artwork online after the show opening. Online sales will commence within the following two weeks of the event, all items will still be available for purchase on-site at the gallery.

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