Star Wars X-Wing Ballpoint Pen

S.T. Dupont celebrate the new Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ film with this X-wing ballpoint pen, enhanced by beautiful guilloched motifs that replicate the original design of the fighter spacecraft, first seen in Star Wars Episode IV ‘A New Hope’. Assemble the pieces inside to create your very own X-wing holder that showcase your pen in true style, perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast whilst offering a timeless writing experience.


– Star Wars logo and numbered panel detail
– Limited edition – 1 of 1977
– Engraved guilloche design
– Ceramium A.C.T. with a silver-tone finish
– 13 x X-wing assemble pieces; Presented in a black lacquer wooden box with suede interior

Order HERE for $1,727.57

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One thought on “Star Wars X-Wing Ballpoint Pen

  1. mffanrodders says:

    Blimey, Larry. That is a pricey pen. Nice, though.

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