Watch The I Feel Pretty Trailer Starring Amy Schumer

Be inspired and also bust a gut or two by watching the I Feel Pretty trailer trailer to the upcoming comedy movie starring Amy Schumer.

Schumer sets up the first trailer for I Feel Pretty with a pointed jab at the more-often-than-not undeserved self-confidence of men, and a self-deprecating observation on how a lot of women generally feel insecure about their appearance. It’s the perfect segue into what the movie is all about: women internalizing societal pressures to look good in order to feel good, done of course in the signature self-aware humor of Schumer.

I Feel Pretty tells the story of Renee Barrett, your everyday woman who lives through society constantly reminding her of her perceived flaws, which mainly have to do with her looks. In the middle of an intense spinning class, she falls off her exercise bike and knocks her head silly. She wakes up thinking she has transformed into a gorgeous, model-like beauty, and gains all the confidence in the world. Fact is, her appearance never changed at all.

I Feel Pretty is out in cinemas on June 29, 2018.

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