Stephen King’s The Bone Church Headed To Television

Chris Long and David Ayer’s Cedar Park Entertainment has picked up the rights to Stephen king’s The Bone Church, a narrative poem first published in the November 2009 issue of Playboy and then later in the 2015 collection, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

The poem tells the story of a bar patron who tells anyone that buys him a drink about the doomed expedition into the jungle he took part in. “There were thirty-two of us went into that greensor, and only three who rose above it,” he says in the poem, before recounting brief details on the expedition and its outcome. 

Long previously executive produced the TV adaptation of the King novel Mr. Mercedes which airs on  AT&T Originals.

Following the break out success of IT last fall, King’s work has been picked up more frequently than ever for a variety of projects. IT Chapter 2 is set to arrive in 2019 along with new adaptations of Pet Semetary, Suffer the Little Children, The Talisman, and Doctor Sleep. There’s also the upcoming Castle Rock, Hulu’s series that will seemingly touch on several different novels by the author as they intersect throughout the fictional Maine town.

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