Top 10 Common Misconceptions of Casino Games

People look on online casinos and their games with some degree of suspicion – with many believing the whole system is set up to trick the gambler. The games and operators offer an entertainment service in a highly regulated industry – so don’t believe everything you read. Here are ten misconceptions:

Number One – Online casino games don’t like paying

99% of casinos pay properly, even some basic due diligence will give players an awareness of any casinos that aren’t good payers or have reputational issues. One way to check out the standing of a casino is to look at their affiliations: good ones like eCOGRA, a casino auditor, can give you the reassurance you need. Plenty of publicly listed companies have online casinos, so if you’re worried about a casino making off with your cash then use a household name.

Number Two – You can only win with a bonus scheme

It’s true that some of the bonus schemes at online casinos are really good (like the one at but don’t get hung up on only betting when you can get your hands on a bonus. You can still win- and win well- in the course of normal play. Big jackpots on slots and the chance to make a constant return on skill games are viable. More important than the bonus is finding a casino and game that works for you.

Number Three – Online casinos encourage underage gambling 

Online casinos operate under very rigorous rules regarding who they allow to gamble. This ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) legislation requires clear identification of gamblers. In land-based casinos it is much easier to be underage and lose money. If a gambler looks old they can often walk into a casino, start gambling and lose money – this simply doesn’t happen online because of the regulations around KYC. So far from encouraging underage gambling they are duty bound to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Number Four – In roulette red and black is a 50/50 bet

It may seem this way because it seems red and black are the only two colours that return. In European roulette there is one green space and this means you aren’t taking a 50/50 bet – it is in fact more like 48.6%; in American roulette this is even less favourable as there are two green spaces so the odds are more like 47.4%

Number Five – if you keep track of patterns on slot machines you’ll win more often

Sorry to burst your bubble, but slot machines are programmes to dispense randomly generated numbers, so trying to win using logic isn’t going to work. Some people also think machines can get hot – meaning a pay out is more likely because it hasn’t paid out for a while – again not the case.  It may seem slot machines follow a pattern but they don’t!

Number Six – Card counting is illegal 

It may be against the rules and see you get chucked out of a casino, but it is certainly not against the law. Casinos have the right to ban anyone, so if you’re able to card count best do it on the down low. Casinos often share profiles of known card counters, so if you get caught you could eventually end up with nowhere to bet – but the casino world is pretty big so you’ll probably find somewhere to let you play.

Number Seven – You’ll win if you play long enough

Over a very long period of time luck should even out; ten thousand rolls of the dice or poker hands should see odds play out in line with statistical probability. Many gamblers believe on any given day or night that their luck is “due to turn”. Generally, one session of any gambling is far too small a sample size for probability to match reality. So if you’re losing and hoping your luck will turn just around the corner- don’t bank on it. 

Number Eight – Your odds of winning improve over time 

For skill based games like poker this is probably the case- you can keep on improving. Although even in these areas, while you can make many quick improvements at the beginning, gains beyond a solid grasp of the fundamentals become more and more marginal over time. However, for luck based games (roulette, bingo, craps), once you have a grasp of the basics the odds of winning bare are still pure chance – no matter how long you’ve played for.

Number Nine – Slot machines are pure chance

This may be true for many slot machines, but a new generation of skill-based games are being brought out which keep the element of chance, but allow you to improve your odds with a skill-based element. These games are particularly popular with millennials, but beware the skill element will only serve to increase your EV, you won’t ever be odds on to win – this just won’t work for casinos. The best skill-based games will allow players to genuinely improve their chances!

Number Ten – Beginners should start with progressive slots 

Progressive slot machines allow players to join large network games where the payouts can be huge. Some of these prizes can be over a million pounds are great for attracting players, but in reality the chances of winning are negligible. Progressive slot payback percentages can be as low as 87%, whereas a normal slot machine may be nearer to 87% – if you’re playing the percentages don’t go near the progressive slots.

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