Dragon Rebound Editions Announces “Georgie’s Boat” Limited Edition Paperweight

Dragon Rebound Editions has just announced one of the coolest Stephen King related collectibles I have ever seen and it’s based on one of my favorite King books, IT!

This limited edition “Georgie’s Boat” paperweight is a clear polished acrylic cube measuring 2.5″ square. A custom made 3D model of a paper boat is floated in the cube along with graphics to simulate the red balloon on a separate plane.

Only 100 of these will be made, folks!!! Place your order HERE.

The limitation will be based on orders received, but will not exceed 100 units. Once Dragon Rebound Editions have sold the maximum allocated to this item, they will no longer be made.

The cut-off for placing an order is Friday Mar 30th, 2018 at Midnight Pacific Time. The cube will be engraved on the back with the final limitation.

Limit two per household – Please note that orders for more than 2 per household will be cancelled. 

Designations: If you are a IT Rebound owner, and you purchase a paperweight, you will automatically receive a matching letter paperweight. If you are not an IT Rebound owner, you will receive a numbered paperweight, and numbers will be assigned in the order received. All paperweights will be engraved.

Delivery: Please note that delivery will be in approximately 4-5 weeks.

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