5 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Move

If it’s been a while since your last move, or you are gearing up for your first, you might think that the process is a relatively simple one. All you need to do is pack up your things and load them into a truck, right?

You’re right, but there are a number of complications that can occur along the way. Even well thought out moving plans run into problems that are outside the realm of control. Here are five excellent examples, along with how you can smooth them over.

1. Your Hired Movers Never Showed Up

It happens a lot more than you might think, unfortunately. Without the helping hands you were counting on, what are you supposed to do now? How are you ever going to get your things to the apartments for rent in Bellevue?

When hiring a moving company, it is always best to make a deal that is in writing and signed by both parties. Calling them a week ahead of time to remind them of the date is also highly recommended. Ensure that they have the right address and phone number, too.

If your movers are a no-show, call the company to find out exactly what is happening. Sometimes, movers get behind schedule due to various complications such as traffic. Whatever you do, don’t panic.

2. The Moving Truck is Too Small

If you chose to rent a moving truck and haul your stuff on your own, then this problem is solved by making additional trips. If your journey is a long one, take the truck back and explain the situation. The company will most likely add on the difference for the larger truck with no extra costs.

If your movers showed up with a small truck, multiple trips can quickly rack up additional charges. Your best bet is to have them move the largest items in your home and transport smaller belongings in your personal vehicle. You should also call the company and demand any extra charges be removed, provided they did a home walk-through.

3. Injuries

When navigating tight corners or stairs, it isn’t unlikely for someone to suffer an injury or for your property to become damaged. Injuries can cause an instant change in plans for the day, which makes planning for safety a crucial part of the process.

Clear out any obstacles, wear comfortable clothing, and keep an eye on your shoelaces. Work with your moving buddies to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible when lifting heavy objects.

4. Damages

When it comes to damages, sometimes you’re simply out of luck. However, you are entitled to compensation if a moving crew damages your belongings. It isn’t an easy process, however, which makes labeling your fragile belongings beforehand the smarter option.

5. There’s No Parking

Apartment dwellers, you know what terrible experiences parking limitations can cause. Whether it’s paying extra charges to the movers or running out of time before you have to return your rented truck, this is a nightmare no one wants to experience. While some movers might be lucky enough to have ample parking at a place like the luxury apartments in Hercules, CA – Aventine apartments, the rest of us aren’t so lucky.

Your best bet is to work smart. Call ahead to see if you can reserve a parking space out front for moving day, or see if a friend can hold the space for you with their car until the movers arrive. Sometimes, you’re just going to have to pay the extra charge.

Moving can be a nightmare, which makes planning ahead for the unforeseen essential to a smooth transition. When the unexpected does happen, don’t panic. Remain calm and rely on your wits to make the most of the situation.

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