Top 5 Millennial Wedding Trends of 2018

The wedding ceremony has followed very specific traditions for over a century. As with almost every aspect of society, millennials are changing the way we think about this time-honored tradition, reshaping the foundations of an age-old norm and giving it a much needed breath of fresh air.

Some opt to skip the white dress, while others choose fondue fountains instead of classic cakes. There are dozens of trends emerging in the wedding industry thanks to this generation, and here are the five most popular.

1. Forget the Church

Modern day couples are fed up with the stiff and stuffy church ceremony. Instead, millennials would rather have something low-key in a special location that resonates with their personalities. Parks, county manors, and mountaintop trails have all made for exquisite wedding day locales. Also surprising, this generation enjoys having the ceremony and reception in one place.

The idea is to infuse your own personality into your wedding these days. What does saying your vows in a church have to do with you? If the answer is nothing, then why not say them somewhere more special to the both of you?

2. Crowdsourced Funding

In today’s world, very few of us need another set of dish plates or a home appliance. That’s why this generation is utilizing online crowdfunding sites to take their wedding registry to the next level.

Guests can chip in towards big expenses like airfare, hotel stays, and other aspects of a couple’s honeymoon via different options the soon to be newlyweds set up on the site. It also allows guests to see what money has gone where, allowing them to give where the money is needed most. Alternatively, some couples choose to set up funding pages that help cover aspect of the reception such as booze, photography, and catering.

3. Do It Yourself

DIY is a major buzzword these days, and it happens to be one extending into the realm of the wedding as well. Millennials are staying budget-friendly by choosing to create things like favors, place cards, and even invitations by hand. It’s a simple way to save on cost while still infusing your own personal brand of style into the wedding, but can also let you spend more money on the things you really want for your big day.

4. New Age, New Colors

Many couples are tired of the classic black and white wedding attire found in traditional marriage ceremonies. While the formal attire of suits and dresses isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it isn’t uncommon to see a splash of color thrown into the wedding these days.

Blues, purples, greens and more are all making their way down their aisle on special days across the globe. Companies are quickly catching on, too. You can find all sorts of gorgeous wedding dresses, bridal gowns, and wedding gowns at Azazie in a variety of splendid colors.

5. Waiting for the Right Time

Multiple organizations are constantly saying that the marriage rate is declining, but this can easily be attributed to the fact that millennials are marrying at an older age. The days of getting hitched after high school are giving way to a generation that would rather wait for the right person, and the right time, to settle down.

Despite social media hype, millennials are highly focused on their careers and creating a stable financial future. Couples are now tying the knot in their mid to late thirties rather than their twenties, allowing them to afford their own ceremonies as well as financially support a child without breaking the bank.

Times are changing alright, and these new wedding trends are a welcomed change to the norms of traditional ceremonies. Not only are they a blast, but they create a truly unique moment for lovers to share their story with friends, family, and social media.

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