When It’s Time To Relax

There is nothing quite like snuggling down on the sofa with some munchies and a drink to watch a favorite movie, it still has the ultimate chill factor and long may it live. 

What is surprising is how many of us, instead of turning to a Rom-com for this many of us actually turn towards a movie that is full of intrigue, beautiful people and glamorous sets, and nothing quite compares to movies that are either based about a Casino or have one in them. 

We all seem to love the glitz and action of a casino. We visit them for a weekend treat, we fly to them for stag and hen celebrations, we also play on sites like Swagbingo.com where we can enjoy a full selection of casino games to play at any time and in anyplace we choose. 

The thrill of being involved in a game of chance is age-old and draws us like moths to a flame, luckily having a game of online roulette is not going to kill us, unlike that poor moth!  We love to have a bet or watch other do the same, and of course movies that contain the action as well as fashion and a plot can’t really fail. 

Take Casino that was released back in 1995 with one Las Vegas mobster trying to put together a respectable career in the gambling industry whilst the other is totally obsessed with making money, Casino is one of those films that is jam-packed with intrigue and action. Starring Robert De Niro, James Woods, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci the line-up is impressive as is the movie.

Premiering in 2001 Ocean’s Eleven was a highly viewed film and is one of those films you can just kick back on and enjoy the perfectly executed crime with some all-time favourite actors playing the lead rolls.

Ocean’s Eleven was directed by Steven Soderbergh and starred Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. This fast paced, powerful movie tells the story of a group of criminals hit three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously. Highly entertaining and a pleasure to watch it’s no wonder that Ocean’s Eleven has not lost its allure. 

Last, but not least and oldie but definitely a goodie is The Sting which premiered way back in 1973 and remains one of the best movies to relax with. Based in Chicago The Sting tells the story of a young conman out to seek his revenge for the death of his partner, who was murdered.  Starring the late, great Paul Newman (he of the amazing blue eyes) Robert Redford and the late Robert Shaw and Charles Dunning, this casino-based movie still has massive appeal and is perfect to settle down with for a relaxing time in front of the television. 

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