SiriusXM Video To Debut This Summer

Satellite radio giant SiriusXM, home of Howard Stern, will launch SiriusXM Video this summer.

Video from The Howard Stern Show, which is heard on SiriusXM live, is expected to dominate the satellite radio firm’s first venture into video programming, in addition to special programming and content from Stern’s video library.

“Howard customers want one thing: more Howard, and we’re going to give them more Howard,” Meyer explained. “We are going to focus on getting it promoted right, getting it out there right.” He added that adding to the customer experience and value proposition are key, and they will allow the company to roll out more video offers over time.

The Stern video service was previously delayed to 2017 and then this year. Plans for it were first announced in late 2015 when Sirius and Stern signed a new five-year deal. 

Meyer said that after the Stern launch, the firm would offer “additional shortform content from around the SiriusXM bundle” later in 2018, with the firm likely to have more to say about these additional plans on the next earnings call.

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