Gallery Nucleus Announces An Incredibles 2 Art Show Opening On June 2, 2018

Gallery Nucleus is proud to present, in collaboration with Disney Fine Art, Cyclops Print Works, Oh My Disney!, and Pixar Animation Studios, a Tribute Art Exhibition in celebration of the new film “Incredibles 2 

The exhibition opens on June 2, 2018 with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. The show will run until July 1. Select artists will be in attendance opening night and you will find over fifty works of Incredibles art on display at Gallery Nucleus.

Featuring art by: Alexander Vidal, Amy Mebberson, Andrew Thomson, Anoosha Syed, Bill Robinson, Brian Mon, Carrie Liao, Catherine Unger, Craig Drake, Dan Matutina, Doki Rosi, Emily Roberts, Emily Tetri, Eren Unten, Eric Tan, Glen Brogan, Jackie Huang, James Silvani, Janice Chu, Jessica Gibson, Jessica Kim, Jisoo Kim, Kathryn Hudson, Keiko Murayama, Lauren Patterson, Lily Nishita, Loris Lora, Mauricio Abril, Nadia Kim, Oliver Akuin, Rafael Mayani, Rich Tuzon, Saera Hwang, Samantha Mash, Stéphane Kardos, Susan Yung, Syd Weller, Tenny Issakhanian, Varun Nair, Yoshi Yoshitani and Zoe Persico.

Prints will be available online by June 3. 


Artist : Eric Tan

Artist : Eric Tan

Artist : Eric Tan

Artist : Eric Tan

Artist : Bryan Mon

Artist : Bryan Mon

Artist : Bryan Mon

Artist: Stéphane Kardos

Artist: Craig Drake

Artist: Craig Drake

Artist: Craig Drake

Artist: Craig Drake

Artist: Craig Drake

Artist: Kathryn Hudson

Artist: Teny Issakhanian

Artist: Amy Mebberson

Artist: Teny Issakhanian

Artist:  Loris Lora

Artist: Glen Brognan

Artist: Anoosha Syed

Artist: Alexander Vidal

Artist: James Silvani

Artist: Jackie Huang

Artist: Emily Tetri

Artist: Emily Roberts

Artist: Dan Matutina

Artist: Zoe Persico

Artist: William Robinson

Artist: Varun Nair

Artist: Syd Weiler

Artist: Samantha Mash

Artist: Saera Hwang

Artist: Nadia King

Artist: Mauricio Abril

Artist: Leticia Curi

Artist: Keiko Murayama

Artist: Janice Chu

Some images courtesy of i09 , Oh My Disney and  Nerdist

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