Lindsey Buckingham Announces New Anthology Collection Covering Solo Career

Lindsey Buckingham will embark on a North American tour this fall and release a new compilation.

Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham is a comprehensive record of his illustrious career. Out October 5th on Rhino Records, Buckingham’s Solo Anthology will be released as a 3-disc set on CD and digitally and will also be available as a single disc abridged release. A 6-LP vinyl release is slated for November 30th.

The compilation includes album, live and alternate versions of songs culled from Buckingham’s solo records and soundtrack work. The collection will also include two previously unreleased tracks, “Hunger” and “Ride This Road,” as well as live versions of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” and “Go Your Own Way.”

Track Listing:

CD One:

01. Don’t Look Down
02. Go Insane
03. Surrender The Rain
04. Rock Away Blind
05. Holiday Road
06. Doing What I Can
07. Trouble
08. I Must Go
09. Street Of Dreams
10. Soul Drifter
11. Show You How
12. Shut Us Down (Live)
13. Slow Dancing
14. Countdown
15. Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind
16. In Our Own Time
17. Illumination
18. Gift Of Screws
19. Did You Miss Me
20. Down On Rodeo
21. Treason

CD Two:

01. Hunger
02. Not Too Late
03. Sleeping Around The Corner
04. I Want You
05. Time Precious Time
06. Stars Are Crazy
07. Love Runs Deeper
08. You Do Or You Don’t
09. I Am Waiting
10. Time Bomb Town
11. Turn It On
12. Seeds We Sow
13. Underground
14. Dancin’ Across The USA
15. Gone Too Far
16. End Of Time
17. D.W. Suite
18. Ride This Road
19. Say We’ll Meet Again

CD Three:

01. Trouble (Live)
02. Go Insane (Live)
03. Bleed To Love Her (Live)
04. Stephanie (Live)
05. Never Going Back Again (Live)
06. Big Love (Live)
07. Under The Skin (Live)
08. All My Sorrows (Live)
09. Cast Away Dreams (Live)
10. Holiday Road (Live)
11. Tusk (Live)
12. I’m So Afraid (Live)
13. Go Your Own Way (Live)

Pre-order the anthology HERE. 

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