Meet The New Palm

Envisioned as a companion device for your “real” smartphone, the Palm Phone is is an ultra-mobile product that syncs with your smartphone to keep you connected but not consumed.

Palm  is  designed  for  life  on  the  go.  Put  it  into  your  smallest  pocket,  wear  it  on  your  neck  or  slip  it  into  your  yoga  pants.  About  the  size  of  a  credit  card  and  light  enough  to  forget  about,  you  can  take  your  connectivity  with  you  everywhere    from  the  treadmill,  to  the  beach,  to  your  little  black  dress.

Palm  runs  Android  OS,  works  with  Verizon  NumberShare,  is  voice-activated  with  Google  Assistant,  and  has  a  12MP  rear  and  8MP  front-facing  camera  to  capture  every  moment  with  stunning  quality.

The device will be available soon for $350.

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