Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

We often see him sitting in a luxury casino with his chips stacked. Every now and then one question returns almost obsessively, and the fans of the James Bond franchise wonder who will reprise the role of 007. Daniel Craig made the most of his opportunity, but said that he doesn’t plan on playing Bond again, beyond 2019. However, he remains a likely candidate for the role given his stellar performance in Spectre & casino Royale. Some rumors claim that the producers have made him a very generous offer, so with a lot of money on the table, it would be a mistake to rule him out. I personally never visit land based casino’s so it’s unlikely I will ever bump into bond!… Joking aside I do like to spend some time playing on what I consider safe UK casino sites when I’m bored.

Richard Madden

Game of Thrones returns in 2019 for the last season, but Richard Madden won’t have any part to play, since his character Robb Stark has died. Instead, he charmed the audience in BBC’s smash hit Bodyguard and he has all the physical traits needed to portray James Bond. He also admitted that he is a big fan of the character, so if the producers approach him, Richard could be the next 007.

Tom Hardy

One of the most talented actors of his generation, Tom Hardy has recently entered the race for the James Bond role, at least according to bookmakers. In recent years, he has emerged as one of the Hollywood’s brightest stars and cemented his place as a strong candidate. Even though the actor hasn’t expressed his desire to portray 007, he checks all the important boxes and under the right circumstances, he could take this franchise role.

Tom Hiddleston

A few years ago, the idea of Tom Hiddleston as James Bond would have been dismissed by many as nonsense. Today, he is the main favorite at bookmakers to get the role, which makes perfect sense, as he was tremendously successful in his latest attempt of playing a spy. He’s on the actors who have developed a cult following and there are many would like to see him take on a new challenge.

Idris Elba

For many years, moviegoers were wondering whether it is time for a black James Bond and this question could be answered soon enough. Whenever it popped up, the name of the same actor was on the lips of fans and pundits alike. Idris Elba is an exceptional actor with a proven track record and the ability to create characters that pass the test of time. His performances in Luther and The Wire remain high to match, but he definitely has the talent and determination to excel.

Producer Barbara Broccoli has confirmed the fact that in her opinion, the franchise is ready for a non-white actor. If this happens, Idris is the overwhelming favorite, as he has both the looks and the skill to portray a memorable James Bond. One of the few arguments against him is that he is already 45 and he will be significantly older by the time he will retire from the franchise. On the bright side, we have the shining example of Roger Moore, so we are entitled to be optimistic about seeing Elba as the next 007.

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