Captain Marvel Takes Us Back To The ’90s With Magic Eye-Style Posters

Marvel Studios has been promoting the ’90s setting of Captain Marvel via the film’s trailers and its rudimentary throwback website.

Now, via the Marvel Twitter account, the studio has come up with another way to stir up ’90s nostalgia for fans by releasing a series of Magic Eye-style posters.

Marvel released five posters in a series of Tweets, with each one featuring a different autostereogram. Autostereograms allow some people to see 3D images by focusing on 2D patterns. They were popular as posters and books in the ‘90s. For those frustrated people like me who could never see the hidden images, the Captain Marvel collection of posters includes hidden images of a bust of Carol Danvers with her mohawk, a pair of aviator sunglasses, and the eight-pointed star symbol.

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