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Las Vegas has served as a source of inspiration for many Hollywood blockbusters and continues to inspire screenwriters and movie directors. Hundreds of movies had their narrative revolving around the glamorous city in Nevada and a handful have earned a place among the best Hollywood productions. Not surprisingly, gambling was the central theme in many of them, with Sin City being famous for its casinos.

Ocean’s Eleven

The original Ocean’s Eleven movie was produced in 1960 and its original story and superb acting helped pass the test of time. 40 years after the film depicting the audacious attempt of the former paratroopers won the hearts of moviegoers, Soderbergh came up with the remake that was even more entertaining. These are two movies that are worth binging, as they paint a very different image of Las Vegas, while having a rather similar theme. In the original movie, many of the casinos that are now gone from the Vegas landscape can still be admired, while the 2001 production radiates the modern Vegas vibe.

Diamonds Are Forever

Those who enjoy classic movies whose action takes place in Las Vegas, will surely appreciate the unmistakable charm of Diamonds are Forever. The James Bond movie produced in 1971 gets people fully immersed in the glamorous world of Sin City nearly 50 years ago. Howard Hughes helped with the movie production, by granting the crew access to his casinos and hotels. The memorable Mustang car chase down the Strip remains one of the most memorable moments in this 007 classic.


One of the best gambling movies ever made, Casino is essentially a gangster film, with a stellar cast and a solid narrative. Martin Scorsese portrays Las Vegas as a gangster Paradise, which stays true to its nickname of Sin City. The emphasis was less on gambling and the movie focuses more on the dynamics between mobsters and the ruthless manner in which they try to take over the city. The movie is so famous a bunch of casino sites now offer movie themed slots games. Compared to other movies that have made a significant contribution to the surging popularity of online gambling, Casino has slots, table games and video pokers in the background, while focusing on the gangsters’ deeds.


21 is one of the best blackjack movies ever made and also one of the finest gambling films produced in the last decade that takes place in Las Vegas. Kevin Spacey and his team of brilliant students try to win a fortune at blackjack tables, by counting cards and using a complex signaling system. The movie has a simple, but intriguing premise and manages to catch the eye of gamblers as well as regular moviegoers. 

The movie has the merit of increasing the number of people playing blackjack both in brick-and-mortar casinos and online. Internet casinos now offer dozens of different types of blackjack, including the classic game and new ones inspired by it, with the rules slightly tweaked. Online, counting cards isn’t a good idea because the decks are shuffled after each hand, but the upside is that players have access to all sorts of blackjack strategies while they play.

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