What To Know Before Opening A Bar

Whether you’ve watched Cheers or are inspired by positive experiences of your own, the idea of opening a bar is one that plenty of people have in their lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to have the coolest place in town where all of their friends come to hang out?

The dream of opening a bar is an excellent one to have, but you also have to face the reality of what that dream entails. There’s more to this business than most people think. Here’s what you need to know.


The first thing you should consider before diving head first into this business are your area’s laws. Zoning permits, food and liquor licenses, and various other legalities should be on the forefront of your mind. Your local government will have a series of regulations to follow, as well.

Liquor licensing is perhaps the largest hurdle out of all of these. Some towns and cities have very strict rules that will require you to jump through several hurdles before legally pouring a drink. It is highly recommended that you hire the help of a lawyer to ensure your business stays compliant.

No two law firms are created equal, however. Monshaugen & Van Huff are liquor law experts in Texas, which will give you an excellent idea of what to look for in a lawyer. While hiring legal help might sound tedious, it’s a necessity for anyone thinking of opening up their bar.


There are various elements to consider when hiring on bartenders, cooks, and cleaners. While you will ultimately be hands on at your bar, one person simply cannot do it alone. Two of your daily duties will be to monitor your employees and handle aspects of payroll.

Since you’ll be tied up in running your bar and probably bartending, using a software like Clockspot can help you stay on top of these duties. Clockspot features automated payroll and the ability to monitor employee clock-ins remotely.

Employee monitoring software helps you keep tabs on who is doing what in your establishment, keeping you in the loop even when you have a day off. With a bar, however, there are a few workers you’ll hire that do not count as regular employees.

Take window cleaners, for instance. Individuals offering services like these are an essential part of making any business run (unless you plan on scrubbing the place down yourself). There are plenty of benefits to hiring local cleaners, making it worth knowing beforehand which companies you’ll rely on.

The Job Never Ends

Whether it’s working from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. on any given day or constantly noticing aspects of the bar that could be improved, your job as an owner will never end. You’ll have to handle the repercussions of every bar fight, DUI pinned back to your business, and undercover visits from the LCB.

While you will have time to chit-chat with friends and make a good living, the amount of work it takes to run a bar is immense. Before starting this business, ask yourself if you can handle the responsibility and workload that comes with venture. It isn’t all fun and games, but it can be extremely rewarding. 

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