Are You Prepared For A Motorcycle Crash?

Nobody, whether driving a car or riding a motorcycle, plans to get into a crash. However, these collisions can and do occur every day. Ninety-six percent of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents, and 98 percent of multiple vehicle accidents, resulted in some kind of injury to the motorcyclist. 

The good news is that over half of those injuries, 55 percent, were minor. If the worst should happen and you’re ever in a motorcycle crash, you want to be part of the largely uninjured majority. You can prepare for the accident you hope will never happen by investing in motorcycle protective gear.

Types of Motorcycle Protective Gear

You’re probably familiar with more traditional types of motorcycle gear, like helmets, chaps, and boots.  However, products have evolved beyond those basic staples into different types of body armor. Armored motorcycle gear includes knee and elbow guards, back and chest protectors, armored shirts, jackets, and pants, and for those who don’t want to take any chances, full armored body suits. 

Some of these items have the armored portions built right into the fabric, while others, such as some protective shirts and jackets, have pockets allowing you to place armored inserts, with the option to remove and replace them as necessary. Some of the best motorcycle armor inserts are made of viscoelastic materials that combine the resistance to impact of GP armor with the comfort and flexibility of foam materials. 

Protective Capabilities

Some types of armored gear provide only padding to the areas of your body most likely to be impacted in an accident to absorb the force. Other, more advanced types of armored motorcycle gear also include a hard shell to distribute the force away from the vulnerable areas of your body. One way to judge the protective capability of protective motorcycle gear is to check for a CE rating. This is a standard used throughout Europe to gauge how much force a piece of gear can take, and therefore, how much protection it affords.

An investment in motorcycle body armor can help you be part of the 55 percent of riders who walk away from an accident. Check out the different types of armored motorcycle gear available today.

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