LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Far From Home Sets

The LEGO Group has officially revealed three building sets inspired by the much-anticipated Spider-Man: Far From Home film, in theaters July 5, 2019. Check out the sets below:

Molten Man Battle

Play out a metropolis-melting Molten Man vs. Spider-Man showdown! 

Join Spider-Man and Mysterio in the heat of battle to stop Molten Man melting down the whole city! Molten Man’s dangerous lava is absorbing everything from cars to traffic lights. Escape from this fire monster’s gripping claw and dodge the rapid shooter. Spin spider webs to take down Molten Man then put out all the fires with the firefighter’s fire extinguisher.

The 294 piece set will be coming soon and retail for $29.99.

Hydro-Man Attack

Create a delightful Venice scene… then cause chaos with Hydro-Man! 

Take a romantic trip to Venice with Peter Parker and MJ. Enjoy a gondola boat ride then stop at the café for a coffee and a slice of pizza. But watch out—here comes Hydro-Man making huge waves in the canal. Transform into Spider-Man, fire spider webs at the invader and leap across the bridge. Hang on to the wall then explode the bridge. Then fly in to save the day with Mysterio’s power energy.

The 471 piece set will be coming soon and retail for $39.99.

Stark Jet and the Drone Attack

Fly to the rescue with the weaponized Stark Jet!

Defend Venice against drone attack with Happy Hogan, Nick Fury, Mysterio, Spider-Man and the super Stark Jet! Adjust the wings and launch into the sky. Control this hi-tech jet airplane from the dual cockpit with Happy Hogan and Nick Fury. Swerve 2 stud-shooting drones and fire back with the jet’s own stud shooters. Then release the hatch to drop energy bombs or send Spider-Man swinging into action on his web string!

The 504 piece set will be coming soon and retail for $69.99.

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