Advantages of Using Clearabee Bee Bags

One inescapable task of running a house is getting rid of rubbish. A pile of waste is both unsightly and a health hazard. If you are having an excess of rubbish such as after a house party, the Clearabee skip hire service can be quite helpful. The bee bags they provide will ensure that you do not have to deal with unsightly piles of rubbish in your home. Here are some of the benefits of this service. 

Same Day Delivery

When you use the skip hire service by Clearabee, you can expect the bee bag to be delivered to your home the same day. If you had visitors and the piles of rubbish became too much, this service is quite useful. You will get your bee bag in good time, which means it will not have time to become a health hazard. 

Varying Sizes

Whether it is just a bit of garbage or a lot of garbage from a small construction project in your home, you are covered. There are a wide array of bee bag sizes when you choose this skip hire service. You can choose a small one or a huge bee bag to accommodate all the rubbish. Some of the items that you might need to dispose of include soil, light construction waste, and garden waste.

Emergency Delivery

In most cases, the bee bags are delivered the next day after you place an order. However, some situations might demand you get the bee bag the same day. As such, Clearabee offers you the option to get rid of waste via a same-day request. The best part about this is that there is an option to order for labour too. Thus, you can sit back as your rubbish is safely taken far from your home and processed. 

24 Hour Delivery Guarantee

Once you place an order for bee bag delivery, the task is acted upon immediately. However, if any reason causes delays, do not lose hope since there is a 24-hour service. In case you need the bee bags delivered fast, there is a small extra fee. However, it is minimal compared with next-day delivery. 

Varying Payment Options

Once you decide that you need to get rid of rubbish, making a payment for the skip hire service is important. Clearabee offers various online payment options. As a result, you do not have to struggle just to utilise the skip service. The site is protected using modern technology to ensure that you are safe during the transaction. Best of all the service is affordable. There is also a loyalty program for those who wish to save on the costs of using the service. 

Availability at all Times

Rubbish might need to be disposed of at any time. Thus, the service is offered on the weekends, holidays, as well. On weekdays, the hours extend well into the evening to give room to those who need to make a late inquiry. No matter where you are, you can access this service and speak to the customer support team to make inquiries. 


Clearabee tries to meet all the needs of its customers. The scheduling is easy, and booking is possible via a phone call. In short, this is a flexible company. For those with environmental concerns, this is a great company. They recycle about ninety percent of all the waste they collect. As a result, they ensure that any waste that can be processed does not reach a landfill, which is not good for the environment. The company is also present on social media, where you can contact them for any further inquiries.

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