Jobs For Art History Majors

If you’re thinking about majoring in art history for your college degree, there are many different career options for you. Studying art history gives you a diverse background in concepts in art, history, technique, and critical thinking. Individuals with a passion for art don’t always have to work as an artist; instead, they could go in a different direction. Here are the coolest jobs for art history majors.

Museum Fundraising

Many art history majors seek work in museums because of the specific skills mastered through their degree programs. There are lots of options for people with knowledge of art history to work behind the scenes in a museum or gallery. These institutions are notoriously under-funded, so one opportunity for an art history major is in museum fundraising. Museum fundraisers need background knowledge of art history in order to be successful at generating funding events, donations, and other sources of cash for their organization.

Gallery Curator

One of the top jobs for art history majors is a gallery curator. Running a major organization, such as Park West Gallery, takes a lot of talent. Curators need strong expertise in art history and knowledge of many different types of artists and techniques. They also need to be skilled in organization, time management, leadership, motivation, and more. Galleries with strong leaders often attract the best pieces and have healthy membership and patronage rates.

Art Restoration

Art history majors can also find work doing art restoration. The tradition of art history features paintings and works that are sometimes hundreds of years old. Art history majors can be trained to carefully restore fine pieces of art and keep them in top condition for the next generation to enjoy them. Restoration may involve repairing pieces of art, using special storage techniques to keep art pieces from deteriorating, or promoting art conservation.


Working in a gallery also gives people with an art history background some possible jobs in marketing and public relations. Patrons of museums and art galleries provide these organizations with funding and interest so they can continue to exist. Knowing your art history can help you be a more effective marketer for your museum or the talent, such as Park West Gallery artists.

Art Buyer

Outside of the museum industry, art history majors can also contribute to the business industry and get more art appreciation for pieces. Hotels, retail chains, and many other businesses sometimes employ art buyers to help find and place pieces on their building’s walls. Art history majors have the right background knowledge to be able to complete this type of task. Additionally, they can reach out to the art community to get fair pricing for the specific type of work their company needs.

Antique Dealer

Working as an antique dealer is another place where an art history background may be helpful. Antique dealers come across lots of pieces of art that may be of importance, so the art history knowledge can help them determine the worth of a piece. Additionally, the expertise art history majors gain in other types of artwork beyond paintings, such as clothing, textiles, and furniture can be a valuable skill for someone working in antiques.

Art Appraiser

The last potential job opportunity for people with art history degrees is an art appraiser. An art appraiser works with an auction house, a private art collector, or another organization to help value a piece of art. Understanding the concept of art history helps an appraiser price these sometimes priceless works. They know the background of the artists, the techniques used in the piece, and the history surrounding the art.

Getting a job after college is possible if you are finishing up an art history degree. Check out these careers to use your degree and find the right job for you.

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