What Stories Will Appear In The Upcoming Joe Hill Collection Full Throttle?

I have been a huge fan of Joe Hill’s writing since his first book, 20th Century Ghosts. This fall, Hill will release Full Throttle: Stories, a 496 page collection featuring 13 short stories. Two of the stories were co-written with the author’s father Stephen King and another two tales will appear for the very first time!

Below is a list of the stories that will be included in the book and where they originally appeared.

1. Throttle 

Written with Stephen King this short story was first published in He Is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson in 2009.

2. Dark Carousel 

First published as a vinyl-record in 2018.

3. Wolverton Station 

First published in Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 2 in 2011.

4. By The Silver Water of Lake Champlain 

First published in Shadow Show: All New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury in 2012.

5. Faun 

First published in At Home In The Dark in 2019.

6. Late Returns 

Previously unpublished

7. All I Care About Is You 

First published in The Weight of Words in 2017.

8. Thumbprint 

First published in Postscripts 10 in 2007.

9. The Devil on the Staircase 

First published in Stories in 2010.

10. Twittering From The Circus of the Dead 

First published in The New Dead in 2010.

11. Mums 

Previously unpublished

12. In The Tall Grass 

Written with Stephen King and first published in Esquire, June/July and August issues in 2012.

13. You Are Released 

First published in Flight or Fright in 2018.

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