Vinyl Conflict: The World of Godzilla Toys Exhibition & Auction Catalog

On the occasion of Godzilla’s 65th anniversary and in celebration of the newest feature length, Summer blockbuster movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters by Legendary Pictures, Peekaboo Gallery is proud to offer the exclusive, limited edition show catalog for their exhibition and auction event, Vinyl Conflict: The World of Godzilla Toys. 

The genre of Godzilla and kaiju toy collecting is as imaginative as it is diverse.  Over the past fifty years, the toys to come out of Japan on the subject are so numerous, very few definitive visual accounts have been attempted.  With this unrivaled exhibition of a singular, curated collection, the gallery has gathered the finest Godzilla collectables in one place.

Vinyl Conflict: The World of Godzilla Toys will perhaps be one of the definitive art books on the subject of Godzilla collectables.  Almost 300 full-color pages, expert photography, over 1200 items gathered into 850 lots, historical introductions and a themed progression of Godzilla toy history; This book is what Godzilla fans have been waiting for.  The cover and main show illustration is by rock-star illustrator and graphic artist, Tom Whalen!  Historical intros by Godzilla collectable author, Sean Linkenback. 

This limited edition, silver foil hardcover commemorative catalog will be available only in-person at the touring exhibition or on the Peekaboo Gallery website.

Order HERE.

– Silver Foil Hardcover Book
– Almost 300 Full Color Pages
– Over 1200 Items in 850 Lots
– Measures 11.25″ x 9.25″, Art Stock 86 lb Paper, Sewn Binding
– $49.95 plus shipping

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