Alamo Drafthouse Celebrates Stephen King With ‘King-Size Summer’ Screenings

The Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain will celebrate Stephen King with a curated selection of adaptations and King-written movies, beginning in July and continuing through the release of It: Chapter Two (out September 6). 

The “King-Size Summer” kicks off with a month of Terror Tuesday programming in Austin and culminates in August with nationwide screenings of four films — Creepshow, The Runnning Man, Stand By Me, and the King-directed Maximum Overdrive —  in all cities with Alamo Drafthouse cinemas. There will also be select screenings of other King films, including Carrie, filmmaker Mary Lambert’s original Pet Sematary, and The Mist.

“We’re crazy with anticipation for It: Chapter Two, so to ease the wait, we’re revisiting some of our favorite Stephen King adaptations,” said Sarah Pitre, senior director of programming and promotions, in a statement. “These screenings will provide a chilling countdown to the final chapter of one of his most beloved works of fiction. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to build up our fear tolerance before we’re scared out of our minds by It: Chapter Two.”

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