Entertaining New Generations With Old Content

If you have been paying attention to the movies that have released over the past few years, you have most likely observed the number of remakes that have hit the big screen. When it comes to re-releasing material, it appears as if Disney is the biggest culprit at this point. Disney is the biggest media company in the world and has an enormous amount of intellectual property at its disposal. Since this organization has been making movies and television shows for many years, specific audiences have not seen these properties. While you may remember experiencing a film like Toy Story for the first time in the theatre, a younger individual may not be too familiar with this franchise. A company such as Disney looks at a successful series such as Toy Story and believes it can succeed with subsequent generations. With this said, with the success of remakes, film producers such as David Guillod must come up with original concepts to capture the attention of audiences.

Creating Consistency With Intellectual Property

Recently, there has been an uproar with Disney re-releasing films such as the Lion King, Aladdin, and Dumbo. For many millennials, these films hold a special place in the heart and capture a moment in time that will never be seen again. When the Lion King and Aladdin were released, the animation was much more straightforward, but also more emotive. There was certain magic behind these films, which is difficult to observe with computer-generated imagery. However, with this said, many adolescents are using hyper-realistic visuals nowadays because of advancements in technology. Disney has taken notice and believes it can refresh older IPs in an attempt to capture the hearts of younger audiences.

When one looks at this business-model objectively, it is undoubtedly a smart plan. Many young adults will surely take children to see Toy Story 4 when it releases later this year. These individuals were children themselves when the first movie was released to the public many years ago.

Providing the Consumer With What They Want

When it comes down to it, movie studios and creatives will always service demand when profits are a necessary measure. In the case of remakes and reboots, audiences around the world appear to demand this type of content always. Original films indeed take a backseat when they are debuting alongside another Star Wars or Godzilla movie, for instance. These companies cannot because they are only following consumer demand.

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