Stranger Things 3: The Starcourt Mall Experience

Netflix converted the abandoned Tower Records on Sunset Strip in Hollywood into a retro 80’s mall to promote season 3 of Stranger Things.

Fans of the binge worthy show had an opportunity to make a free reservation for the Stranger Things 3: The Starcourt Mall Experience on Facebook and the 3 day event filled up within minutes.

From July 5th to July 7th, Stranger Things’ enthusiasts were encouraged to put on their finest 80’s gear before they visited the “finest shopping facility in Hawkins, Indiana.”

Netflix was kind enough to invite my family to check out the experience as we are huge fans of Stranger Things, especially my 10 year old daughter, Elli. (Check out our pics below.)

We have been to many of these pop-up events before and sometimes they can be disappointing lacking imagination but this particular one really paid attention to detail and provided some great photo-ops for the lucky entrants. Before entering the mall we refreshed ourselves with complimentary “New Coke” and then made some Stranger Things smashed pennies. A DJ spun totally tubular 80’s hits in the parking lot to get everyone in the spirit.

We entered the mall and first stopped at Flash Studio for a high end 80’s photo shoot, then took a quick dip in the Hawkins Pool, spent some time in Eleven’s room and in her mind, had some interesting conversations with some Russian scientists, got lost in a mirror maze and finally ended up with a great view of Hawkins on the 4th of July! 

We had a great time which complimented our visit to Scoops Ahoy earlier this week. 

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