Watch The Owl House’s Opening Credits 

The opening credits to the upcoming Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House, have been released at 2019 San Diego Comic Con, and they should give any Gravity Falls fans a major sense of deja vu.

As the credits begin, a mysterious book appears before an all-black background. The book then opens to reveal series protagonist Luz falling in the sky before being rescued from certain death by Eda and King.

From there, the trailer shows off the series’ beautiful, anime-inspired animation in all its glory, as it teases various moments from the show before the series’ title card appears at the end.

Created by former Gravity Falls story artist and DuckTales director Dana Terrace, The Owl House will follow Luz, a teenage girl who finds herself transported to the Demon Realm, and becomes the apprentice of Eda, a witch, at the titular Owl House.

The Owl House is set premiere on Disney Channel sometime in 2020.

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