Barbara And Andy Muschietti Producing An Adaptation of Stephen King’s Roadwork

An adaptation of Roadwork by Stephen King will be produced by IT director Andy Muschietti and his partner/sister Barbara Muschietti. 

The short novel by Richard Bachman was first published in 1981 and then later collected with other stories in 1985’s The Bachman Books. A few years later it was revealed that Bachman was a pseudonym of Stephen King.

Book jacket photos of Richard Bachman and Stephen King

The book’s official description reads, “It’s all coming to an end for Barton Dawes. The city’s Highway 784 extension is in the process of being constructed right across town and inexorably through every aspect of Bart’s existence—whether it’s about to barrel over the laundry plant where he makes a living, or soon to smash through the very home where he makes a life. But as a result, something’s been happening inside Bart’s head that a heartless local bureaucracy isn’t prepared for—a complete and irrevocable burnout of the mental circuit breaker that keeps a mild-mannered person from turning to violent means. As the wheels of progress and a demolition crew continue unabated throughout Bart’s neighborhood, he’s not about to give everything up without a fight. As a matter of fact, he’s ready and waiting to ignite an explosive confrontation with the legislative forces gathered against him.”

Argentine director Pablo Trapero is slated to helm the project. “It’s a fantastic script,” Barbara revealed to Radio Cantilo. “We hope to start shooting at the beginning of next year.”

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