Most Popular Movies Featuring Bingo

Bingo has been a popular entertainment activity for at least few centuries, especially in the UK, but in a range of other countries as well. The cinema appeared a bit later then that and it is generally and universally accepted as one of the main forms of entertainment all over the world. Just as there are differences in terms of which bingo variant is popular in what part of the world (90-ball bingo is popular in the UK, whereas 75-ball bingo is primarily played in North America). Nowadays with the popularization of online bingo UK players have the chance to try out different 75-ball bingo variants, whereas Americans have the opportunity to play 90-ball bingo.

Cinematography is also geo-specific, in the sense that different types of films and different genres are popular in different parts of the world. For instance, statistics show that adventure and action films are popular in North America, seen as they bring in the highest box office revenue. The reason we’ve mentioned bingo and films is because we want to have a look at the intersection, i.e. the best and most popular scenes that feature bingo at least in a single scene.

King of The Bingo Game

King of the Bingo Game is an obvious example, as the film itself features the word ‘bingo’ in its title. The film is a rather serious one. It tells the story of an optimistic bingo player called Sonny who lives in Harlem and frequently visits the local bingo hall in an attempt to win enough money to provide for his impoverished family. If you are a fan of bingo, this film would probably be your cup of tea as the central theme evolves around the game of bingo. As a bonus, it also depicts New York of the 1940s and how difficult things were for the African-American community. 

Hotel Transylvania

We have one newer film for you as well. Hotel Transylvania was quite the hit when it was first shown in 2012. This movie is a comedy featuring Adam Sandler and we probably won’t need to tell you too much about comedies, featuring Sandler, people usually either love them or hate them, but it is very difficult to ignore Sandler and his work. 

In this movie the game of bingo is played at Monsterland and instead of bingo balls they are drawing small, really tiny skulls themselves get to call the numbers by hissing. The game comes to a rather unfortunate end when a monster eats the winning ticket. Funnily enough, the ticket is held by Mrs Frankenstein. 

The Wog Boy

Another comedy in our list, this time it is an Australian film – The Wog Boy. While in British English it is a derogatory term for a non-white individual, in Australia it typically refers to immigrants from Southern Europe. In this particular instance, we’re dealing with a second-gen immigrant of Greek origin. The story follows him and his life-path and our guy works a range of jobs, including a bingo caller, but what’s specific about this hall and the game of bingo in this case is that it is played at a Greek Orthodox Church. The problem arises when the winner approaches the main character (Steve) he hands him the prize which is a lion’s head, but a one made of plaster, with no actual value and that’s certainly not the prize that the player expects.


This is a film that deserves an honorable mention, simply because its title is, well – bingo. The film has nothing to do with the actual game of bingo though, it features s runaway circus dog named Bingo. The film has been criticised and it has been branded as one of the worst pet pooch films, but as the title is bingo, we had to include it. 

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