Mondo Announces Modern Age of Marvel Comics Print By Tom Whalen

Tomorrow, Mondo will release the Modern Age of Marvel Comics poster by Tom Whalen.

Tom shared,  “I’ve been a Marvel kid since 6th grade, so when Mondo asked me to illustrate a poster celebrating Marvel’s Modern Age, I couldn’t say “yes” quickly enough. It wasn’t until a few minutes after my affirmative reply that I realized what a massive undertaking this would be. That’s precisely when the questions started to flood my mind: How would I incorporate 30+ years of Marvel lore into a single image? Silver Centurion or Extremis Armor? How many X-Men? Magneto or Mr. Sinister? Miles? Gwen? Peter? All of ‘em?” 

“After much debating, adding, deleting, resizing, shifting, pushing and pulling, I hope I’ve managed to encapsulate some of the characters that make this age of Marvel stories special to so many people around the world. At the very least, I think the 6th grade me would approve.”

The poster will be on sale tomorrow (9/26) at a random time via 

The Modern Age of Marvel Comics
By Tom Whalen
24″x36″ Screenprinted Poster
Edition of 325

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