Real Spying Tricks That We Have Seen In The Movies

Most people want to be a real-life spy because of the drama, danger and the intrigue. Below are a couple of tricks extracted from famous spy movies which you can easily learn and employ.


Have you ever wondered how a spy escapes from the villain and saves the day? Zip-ties are widely used in this genre of film to tie up people replacing handcuffs. To escape, the technique is very simple, you just need to know what to do and practice.

First, tighten the zip and suddenly move your hands away from each other with power. You can tighten the zip with your teeth. The tighter it is, the easier tit is to break it. The elbows needs to flare outward as you place stress on the zip tie.

Hiding Spots

Every spy has hiding spots where secrets are stored. Mostly old books are used to communicate or transfer important information in them. The hero will rush to his safe house to get the things he needs for crucial times and hiding within a hollowed book is a key, gun, money or some important clue which aids him in his mission.

You can hollow out the pages of a hardcover and retrieve a USB hidden inside the book. That’s pretty modern and cool… Right?

Gathering Intelligence 

A Spy needs to gather all the intelligence he can get regarding his target and mission. They use the internet, social media, files, etc. to learn about the person they are spying on. Now you can use the top 6 incoming and outgoing call trackers for your kids’ iPhone to get the information about where and to whom your kids are talking to. You can Spy like a Master!


Although modern tools are sleek and shiny, an old school method of spying has a certain level of class. You can code your secret intel safe by using the Cipher technic. A cipher utilizes an exiting alphabet and shares a corresponding different letter. For example, in the word SPY – S would become A, P becomes B and Y becomes C.

Ciphers allow you to make a secret password as well. Only those that can access the correct cipher can solve the clue.

Invisible Ink

Invisible inks are very helpful if you want to stay off the grid and want to deliver an important secret. And trust us, it works perfectly. From using lemon juice to baking soda to pressure indentation, these are  clever ways to leave a secret message for your contact. If you have mastered the cipher and sent a message with invisible ink, you are a mystery master!

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