LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya Creates Life-Sized Friends Set Made of 900,00 LEGO Bricks

The popular television program Friends is celebrating its 25th anniversary and this past weekend Las Vegas is hosting the Friends Experience.

One highlight of the Experience is a life-sized version of Central Perk built completely out of LEGO by Nathan Sawaya.

At nearly 700 square feet, this re-creation of one of the series’ signature sets will be on display exclusively at New York-New York. Built out of 900,000 LEGO bricks over a period of four months, this re-creation from features everything from the iconic sofa to the latest menu board.

The furniture is all fully functional –– allowing visitors to sit on the couches and chairs. The signature orange couch took the longest time to build –– as the most challenging part of the process was replicating the patterns in the upholstery.

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