5 Ways To Stay Safe On Your Next Uber Ride

Taking an Uber alone is a scary prospect, especially if you’re one of those people who has read a lot of Stephen King novels. Just about anything can happen, if you think about it. Getting into a car with a stranger and trusting them with your life can leave you feeling anxious and even paranoid.

If you’ve ever been in an accident inside an Uber, you know how it feels. You might feel overwhelmed, panicked and might not know what to do. In situations like these, just call up a good Chicago Uber Accident Lawyer and they will take care of the rest. Accidents are just one way in which an Uber ride could be unsafe, however. Read on to find out how to stay safe in an Uber.

Check The License Plate

The first thing you should do is match the number on the license plate with the one from the app. You need to verify the driver’s identity to ensure it’s not someone posing as them who’ll drive you around and potentially harm you. Take your time before you get into the car. Once you’ve seen the license plate number, write it down somewhere or take a screenshot from the app just in case you need it later. If a car doesn’t have the license plate, or it’s broken or damaged, don’t get inside. Just cancel the ride and order another Uber. You can never be too safe!

Keep In Touch

As soon you get into the car, make sure to send your Uber number and route to a family member or friend. This way, they can keep a track of where you’re going, in case your driver tries to pull off something shady. You should also tell your driver that you have shared your location and route with someone else. This ensures that the driver will take the shortest possible route to drop you to your destination.

Sit In Back

If an Uber driver ever asks you to sit in the front, your hackles should immediately rise. No driver should tell you where you’re supposed to sit. Ask them why they’re asking you to choose that seat and if they insist on it, cancel the ride. You can always get another Uber but you can’t always be safe! 

Check For Red Flags

You will be able to pick up on potentially dangerous red flags if you stay vigilant and observe the situation. If your driver seems like he’s drunk a little too much, i.e. if his speech is slurry or you notice he’s not driving well, you should ask him to pull over. Similarly, look out for other types of shady activity such as if the driver has invited a friend along for the ride. Your driver should be focused on the road ahead and should not be talking on the phone either. If you see them breaking any of these laws, immediately ask them to pull over and leave.

Don’t Get Chatty

Some Uber drivers really like to start a conversation. This is fine, provided it’s within reasonable limits. However, if you find your driver is constantly grabbing your attention and speaking to you, indicate that they should stop. If at any point you feel the conversation becoming threatening or uncomfortable, ask them to stop the car and get out immediately. 

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