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Dragon Bonus is by far the most popular and common side bet. Like other side bets, you can bet before the cards are dealt. You can wager either on the player or on the banker but not on both parties simultaneously. The name of this side bet is borrowed from the dragon’s strength to annihilate the opponent completely. This side bet allows you to wager on the player or banker, whoever wins not by mere 1-2 points but a knockdown win by many points. You win if the side you have betted wins by a natural or precise 9 points.

Three betting positions

There are three gambling situations for players sitting for the game of baccarat; the Player, the Banker, and the Tie. These are the possible outcomes of the game of baccarat. To start the game, two cards are dealt with each one player. The first card is dealt with the player, the subsequent to the banker, third again to the player, and the fourth one to the banker. The dealer will declare the total of the cards of the player hand first, then of the banker. The highest and lowest possible total of any hand is 9 and 0 respectively. If the total of both hands are equal, then it is treated as Tie. The total of the first two cards will determine the hand will receive the third card or not. To know more click any site like

Tens, jack, king, and queen cards are treated as zero or “nothing.” Any other cards are treated on their par value. Any total which adds up more than nine will be considered as zero instead of 10. The third card rule determines if the Banker will receive a third card or not.5% is deducted from the banker`s side if he wins, which is called “commission.” Both players, the banker, and the player will either have a “Stand Hand” and a “Draw Hand,” depending on the first two cards dealt with them. The cards are summed up using the last figure only; the hand closest to 9 wins the game. In this scenario, 17 becomes 7, 10 becomes 0, and 19 becomes 9. If both players have the same total, then the game is Tie, neither hand wins nor lose. Ace is valued as 1; 2 to 9 on their face value and tens and face cards as 0.

New versions

The game of baccarat has changed enormously. Not only there are numerous new edition of the original game, but also of side and bonus bets. The most common side bets available in online casinos are; Progressive bets, Pair bets, Small or Big bets, Dragon Bonus bet, Sum bonus bet, Tie bonus bet, and Egalite bet. These side bets mitigate the monotonous of the game and keep the adrenaline running high. Progressive bets is probably the fascinating betting version where the cash reward augment continuously. Pair bets have many variations like Perfect pair, Players` Pair/ Bankers` Pair, Any pair. Baccarat is one of the simplest forms of card games for which you need not have special skills, but lady luck on your side.

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