How To Spot And Avoid Poker Scams And Cheats

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting down at your computer or walking into a land-based casino when you do so, you probably expect to receive fair treatment. This not only means that you wanted to be treated with respect by the staff and other players, but you want to be dealt a fair hand. Luckily, this is what you will receive most of the time, especially when gambling with a quality provider. However, there will be those rare cases when individuals will be willing to cheat you just to get the upper edge. How can you avoid these situations and what should you do when you encounter them?

Chip Dumping Tactics

Online poker tournaments are growing more and more popular, which really is a good thing. However, this is where most of the cheating takes place. You wouldn’t think that this would be the case give than tournament games are supposed to be more highly regulated. This cheating tactic usually occurs when there are two or three players playing at the same table. The idea behind the cheat is to have one or more of the players purposely lose their chips to an opponent. The whole theory is for these players to work as a single team to give them an advantage over the other players. When all said and done, the cheaters usually end up splitting the earnings of the other players.

The major problem with this tactic is being at the same table with players that you know. This, of course, would be a much easier cheat to pull off in a land-based tournament, but it would probably also get flagged quicker in a real-life situation. Getting grouped with your players at the same table during an online tournament will be much harder.

Marking Cards

Another popular cheating tactic in the game of poker is marking cards. This one is pretty obvious, but it just basically involves marking or identifying the cards so that the players will know their value without seeing them. For instance, someone could mark a specific card is several different ways so that they would be able to identify them without seeing the face value. Most players usually try to stick with marking the aces or the face cards because they are just much more valuable. That being said, this is something that you can completely avoid when you gamble with quality online providers like Another good way to avoid this is by fully inspecting the cards before playing.

Chip Hiding

Here is another tactic that would really only be useful in land-based play, but you would be surprised at how many players are still trying to take advantage of this tactic. This tactic simply involves hiding chips. The idea is to make it look like you have less money than you do. Why would anyone do this? They do this because it can causes confusion as well as making players feel like they need to go all-in and force you out. During any tournament play, all of the higher denomination chips should be clearly visible, but this isn’t always the case. To avoid a cheat like this make sure that you are always keeping an eye on your opponent’s stash.

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