Brandi Carlile Named Record Store Day 2020 Ambassador

For its 13th annual celebration, which takes place April 18, Record Store Day has selected Brandi Carlile as its official Record Store Day Ambassador, whom the organization describes as “tireless, fearless, talented, generous and all-around awesome.”

“Brandi’s career has woven through record stores from the beginning, and I can barely remember when there hasn’t been a Brandi Carlile record in their racks and on their charts,” says Carrie Colliton, Record Store Day co-founder, in a statement. “Record stores really are tastemakers—in all genres, across the country—and they’ve been shouting about Brandi and the Twins for years,” she says, referring to Carlile’s bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

“It’s a genuine thrill, and feels so natural, to have them join our team in such an “official” capacity this year. And it’s going to be fun—that’s a big part of the RSD Ambassador gig, and they are definitely up to it.”

More information on what’s to come from RSD 2020 Ambassador Brandi Carlile is on the way, including details on a special Record Store Day release.  

Carile refers to physical records as “not just albums [to the artists], these are somebody’s dreams, everything about it, what’s in [the package] and what’s coming through your speakers,” adding that record stores “mine, archive, meticulously care for, and make available to you other people’s dreams.”

“The Twins and I have never made an album that we didn’t intend to be in an independent record store,” she adds. “Thank you so much for recognizing this love in me and the Twins and giving us this opportunity. We won’t let you down.” 

Carlile joins some noted company as Record Store Day Ambassador, with previous luminaries holding the title including Josh Homme, Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne, Jack White, Chuck D, Dave Grohl, Metallica, and St. Vincent. 

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