Celebrate Marvel’s Silver Age With A New Collector’s Edition Book From The Folio Society

Marvel: The Silver Age 1960–1970 marks the second chapter in The Folio Society’s collaboration with Marvel Comics. Over 30 revolutionary Super Heroes await you, including Spider-Man, the Avengers and Doctor Strange. Curated by Marvel legend Roy Thomas, this collector’s edition comes complete with a scale reproduction of the groundbreaking The Fantastic Four #1.

Over thirty iconic characters! Fifteen groundbreaking tales! One explosive edition! Marvel: The Silver Age 1960–1970 is The Folio Society’s second collaboration with Marvel Comics.

This lavish hardback edition collects the defining stories of over thirty revolutionary characters, including Iron Man, the Hulk and the X-Men. These landmark tales are bound within a bold cover designed by celebrated typographer Ian Jepson. Award-winning Daredevil artist Paolo Rivera provides gorgeous artwork for a digitally signed print, as well as the book’s endpapers and luxury presentation box. Inside, you’ll also find a meticulous facsimile of The Fantastic Four #1, the comic that launched Marvel into the modern age.

The Folio Society produces beautifully crafted collector’s editions of the world’s greatest books, each with unique illustrations or specially researched photographs throughout. 

Includes A Fabulous Facsimile of Fantastic Four #1

Published in 1961, The Fantastic Four #1 introduced a team of astronauts who became an unusually fractious band of Super Heroes. The relatability of the series set the Marvel standard that would dominate the rest of the decade. The Folio Society has produced a 32-page scale facsimile of that debut issue, scanned in its entirety directly from a collector’s copy. Printed on authentic paperstock and presented as closely as possible to its original condition – printing errors included – this unique reproduction is the closest you’ll ever get to plucking a copy from the newsstand almost sixty years ago!

Expert Commentary From Roy Thomas And Michael Moorcock

Marvel: The Silver Age 1960–1970 is curated by Stan Lee’s editorial successor, Roy Thomas. (Two of Thomas’s earliest co-creations, the Vision and Ultron, both appear here in a story from The Avengers #57). Thomas provides an expert introduction, alongside an authoritative preface by legendary fantasy author Michael Moorcock. Moorcock offers a thought-provoking and personal account of this definitive era.   

As for the stories themselves, these have been selected and reproduced with the utmost care. In order to obtain actual copies of the source comics, Folio worked closely with both Marvel archivists and pillars of the comic collector community in an effort to bring you as close to the original material as possible.

Marvel: The Silver Age 1960-1970 Includes:

‘Prisoners of Doctor Doom!’ from The Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962)
‘Spider-Man!’ from Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)
‘The Incredible Hulk vs The Metal Master!’ from The Incredible Hulk #6 (March 1963)
‘Iron Man is Born!’ from Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963)
‘Captain America Joins … The Avengers!’ from The Avengers #4 (March 1964)
‘The Domain of the Dread Dormammu!’ from Strange Tales #126 (November 1964)
‘In Mortal Combat with … Sub-Mariner!’ from Daredevil #7 (April 1965)
‘Among Us Stalk … the Sentinels!’ from The X-Men #14 (November 1965)
‘The Final Chapter!’ from The Amazing Spider-Man #33 (February 1966)
‘Whom the Gods Would Destroy!’ from The Mighty Thor #126 (March 1966)
‘Spider-Man No More!’ from The Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July 1967)
‘Dark Moon Rise, Hell Hound Kill!’ from Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 (August 1968)
‘Behold … the Vision!’ from The Avengers #57 (October 1968)
‘The Power and the Prize!’ from The Silver Surfer #3 (December 1968)

The Tales And The Talent That Changed Marvel Forever

Magnified to glorious treasury format, these tales present the formative adventures of some of the world’s most famous Super Heroes and Villains, from Iron Man and Thor to Doctor Doom. In a landmark tale from Amazing Fantasy #15, you’ll also discover the origin story of Spider-Man himself! Throughout these tales, the artwork by legends such as ‘King of Comics’ Jack Kirby and Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko has lost none of its vitality. Readers old and new alike will be sent hurtling through the spaceways with the Silver Surfer and swooping through the streets of New York with Spider-Man.

Astounding Artwork For An Incredible Edition

Modern Marvel artist Paolo Rivera – best known for his award-winning work on Daredevil – provides beautiful pencil artwork, inked by his father Joe, himself a veteran Marvel artist. Their mosaic of iconic Silver Age moments adorns both the hardback’s endpapers and the silver-laminated presentation box. Rivera also provides a stunning image of 11 iconic Super Heroes for an exclusive, digitally signed print. Housed within the handmade presentation box, this 368-page edition comes bound in screen-printed and metallic foil-blocked cloth, complete with red ribbon marker. Pop art illustrator and typographer Ian Jepson designs a stunning scarlet cover laced with Spider-Man’s iconic webbing. Marvel: The Silver Age 1960–1970 is a truly dazzling celebration of the era that revolutionised comic books.

Production Details

Main volume

– Bound in screen-printed and metallic foil-blocked cloth with lettering by Ian Jepson
– Set in Miller Text with Benton as display
– 368 pages printed in full color throughout
– Endpapers printed with a design by Paolo Rivera
– Ribbon marker
– Colored page edges 13¼˝ x 9¼˝

Presentation box

– Bound and lined in printed and silver-laminated paper with a design drawn by Paolo Rivera, and inked by his father Joe

Facsimile Fantastic Four comic

– 32 pages with four-page cover
– 10˝ x 7˝

Exclusive print

-Illustration by Paolo Rivera printed in full color on Natural Evolution White 280gsm paper
– 10˝ x 7˝

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