Stephen King Receives The Audio Publishers Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award

The Audio Publishers Association’s annual Audie Awards were held last night. During the ceremony held at Guastavino’s in Manhattan, Stephen King was given the Audio Publishers Association’s (APA) Lifetime Achievement Award by his son, author Joe Hill, who took home his own award, for short stories/collections. 

Hill said in an introduction, “Stephen King is the best damn ambassador for audiobooks anyone could ever wish or hope for. His love for the form goes back decades. I know. I was there.”

Accepting the award, King joked: “it would make a hell of a murder weapon, wouldn’t it?” He added: “I listen to my own books –the reason why is because you can hear everything you did right and everything you did wrong. This is the most honorable form of storytelling there is.”

King’s The Institute, narrated by Santino Fontana, also won the Thriller and Suspense category.

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