Taco Bell Debuts Its Longest Shell Ever With The Triplelupa

Taco Bell is no stranger to giving fans more of what they love, and now the latest reinvention of the iconic Chalupa gives fans three times the reason to get excited. Launching for a limited time in participating restaurants nationwide on March 12, the Triplelupa serves up a hands on experience with three mini Chalupas featuring three flavors and double the seasoned beef compared to a regular Chalupa.

Combining three mini chalupas to create the longest shell in Taco Bell history, the Triplelupa marks Taco Bell’s first ever tear-apart menu item. It takes all elements of the Chalupa to the next level with different flavors in each of its mini shells: Nacho Cheese on one end, Chipotle on the other, and a combination of the two, Cheesy Chipotle, in the middle. The Triplelupa starts at $3.49 plus tax.

For the Triplelupa’s nationwide debut, Taco Bell is partnering with a brand known for serving up its own reinventions –TikTok. The short-form mobile video platform serves as the framework for the Tripleupa’s national TV spot and is the first time TikTok has partnered with a brand on a national advertising campaign. Shot in TikTok’s full screen, vertical video format, the ad spot follows the creative, unexpected and joyful content the TikTok community is celebrated for.

The brand is encouraging fans to jump in on the fun by participating in an upcoming Taco Bell hashtag challenge on TikTok and plans to announce more details about the challenge in the coming weeks. Taco Bell will also be partnering with select TikTok creators to inspire fans to reinvent something themselves and share it on the platform.

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